Heroes of Newerth an important competitor for Dota 2 and LoL

The most played games in the world are MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and there are a few which are extremely popular, like DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), LoL ( League of Legends) and also Heroes of Newerth. There are many more games like these, but these specific are extremely popular and definitely most played.


The history of these type of games started from Warcraft 3 by a dude named Icefrog and Dota increased popularity extremely quick. At the beginning you were able to play just with a few heroes that were available in the campaign and when the popularity started to grow, Blizzard knew this and made the most out of it and helped at improving the gameplay. After a few years, Icefrog didn't invested anything in Dota anymore and signed a contract with Valve and developed Dota 2 which is a real success. Other developers profited from this pause of Dota improvements and created something else very similar but extremely different at the same time. Also you can take a look if you are interested at online casinos with opportunities. There are many online casinos that have great games to enjoy, and also there are many online casinos giving money, so catch that opportunity. You can also opt for online free play casino games.

 The main idea is the same and also the heroes and their abilities are similar, but with different names and aspects. Heroes of Newerth is one of these and it was created by Frostburn Studios and it wasn't a fail at all. It is a great game with incredible design, but the only main problem was at the beginning that you were supposed to pay each month in order to play. Lots of players didn't payed for something that they didn't know that will be good, but this changed after a short period of time and nowadays anyone can play HoN for free.


There are lots of items that you can buy in-game if you want better designs for your heroes or abilities, but this will not improve your gameplay, just your visuals. When this game came up it was a surprisingly better game than classic Dota, because you were able to speak with other players in game, to reconnect in five minutes when you where having a problem, penalties for intentional feeding or leaving, ban for bad language and many other features that made the game a lot better than Dota.

Nowadays Heroes of Newerth is an important competitor of Dota 2 and League of Legends and the fans are enjoying this competition a lot, because each developer wants his game to be the best.

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